Electrical Fire Causes

Electrical outlets become the source of over 500 deaths, 51 thousand fires, and $1.3 billion worth of damage because of a few careless causes. Everyone needs to be aware of all the possible dangers and hazardous places that may result in electrical fires and how to prevent them from happening. There may be several causes as to what starts an electrical fire but we have discussed the top causes below and how to prevent them from happening:

Common Outlets

More than often, many of the electrical fires that take place in the region are caused by faulty electrical outlets or worn-out sockets that fail to be properly grounded. As outlets and switches become older with each passing day, the overall wiring behind the outlets wears as well, and wires are strung about that loosen over time and could potentially break free, resulting in a fire.

Working our appliances in your kitchen might just be the most important appliance in help the place become more dangerous for electrical fires as these appliances are looking for more than that. The issue can be easily repaired by taking the case of losing ourselves as soon as they are spotted, be it in the ground, the changing room, etc.

Worn-out Wiring

In many cases worldwide, outdated or old electrical wiring has caused electrical fires in the premises. House houses that may not have the wiring capacity to handle the huge amounts of appliances that are working in today’s average home, such as computers, video players, wide-screen televisions, microwaves, and air conditioners. Once the time comes and the outdated home wiring starts to fail when it comes to handling the increased power load. However, there are times that it’s hard to tell if you have old and unsafe wiring as electrical work is hidden behind the walls of your home. In such cases, always remember that wiring problems are a major fire threat. You should keep paying attention to the major signs of issues like: 

  • Unexplained burning smells from your apartment
  • Shocks or sparks from outsells and appliances
  • Flickering lights
  • Frequent overload on circuit breather eventually caused him to call.

In the San Francisco Bay Area electrical services are suggested to be immediately called a certified professional electrician to take care of the matter for you and get an expert to conduct a thorough checkup of every wire in your place. Install a good variety of detectors and fire extinguishers within the place because you never know when you might need one. 

Circuit Overloads

Using unrestricted extension cords may be the major reason for electrical fires in the city. Having an overloaded circuit, with more than just a few appliances connected to it. It’s essential that you never overlook the outlets and resources that you have to smash more chords. We also suggest you run chords under the floor with your rugs covering them and no one can directly step on it. On the other hand, we also reviewed that extension cords should be worth the money, as buying cheap ones won’t get you anywhere. However, if you are out of outlets for your table, reach out to your guy.

Old Appliances

All the old appliances that we all use in our homes have frayed cords and overall loose or faulty wiring can easily catch on fire if exposed to it. On the other hand, due to the high rise in demand for old insulation appliances used in the past, repairing the issue and getting it back to address these issues may not be enough. It’s recommended to purchase updated appliances to ensure your family’s and your safety.

We suggest you get in touch with an electrician who can install appliance-grade outlets which are built for the type of home and all the appliances that you have. San Francisco Bay Area Electrical Service can also install ground fault circuit interrupters that act as surge protectors to keep your house safe. 

Portable Heaters

We advise you to be very cautious about placing your electric heaters during the cold weather and not to leave it on for a long period like going out for a run or while fetching something from the grocery shop. We also advise you to turn it off while sleeping. Consumers who put their portable heaters next to their bed, rugs, curtains, couch, or tables have caused fires in the past. 

To avoid such disasters, it is to be ensured that inflammable materials are put away from the heaters such as fuel, coal, or other directly burning material. Furthermore, we advise you to use radiation that is not capable of catching fire on direct contact. You should put your heater away from areas with the main heat traffic, as well as all your furniture, bedding, curtains, and anything flammable.


Electrical hazards are nothing to be taken lightly. You should be vigilant enough to detect any risk that your house might be at and take necessary precautions against it. If you are looking for San Francisco Bay Area Electrical Service then you should consider Aleco Electric for a professional electrical repair or installation. 

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