Trinity Seven Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Every year the film industry comes up with blockbuster movies or series that not only catch the hearts of the viewers but also make them excited for their more seasons. Trinity Seven is also the best romantic and comedy animated Japanese film based on the manga series. This manga series was first published on December 9, 2010. Season one of this animation came out on 8th October 2014 that gained a lot of popularity in the industry. After the successful end of season one, fans are desperately waiting for its season 2. As per the audience, Trinity Seven season 2 was on the rise. The Trinity Seven season 2 is confirmed, and soon it will come to the audience. The two movies based on the show premiered on February 25th, 2017, and on March 29th, 2019 respectively. After some time, Trinity Seven was decided to come back in 2019 and during 2019, Trinity Seven’s 2nd Season was confirmed and was said to premiere in middle 2019, around April.

Leading Characters In Trinity Seven Season 2 – Who Will Be The Eye-Grabbing Personalities

Obviously, fans love to see who the characters and actors are before they watch the entire show or film. The same goes with the Trinity Seven. People were expecting such characters to watch on the big screen. Here is a background list of the characters that you might find in the animated show. 

Lilith Asami 

Lilith Asami will find doing the role of the leader of a group as a teacher at the Royal Biblia Academy. She will meet another character, Arata, with no good circumstances – the destruction and rebirth of his hometown. You will find Lilith forcing Arata into his important decision to become a mage. At first, Lilith Asami was aggressive towards Arata but as time passes, he becomes the first friend and builds an alliance to save everyone around them. 

Arata Kasuga 

Arata is the main and leading character in the animated show Trinity Seven season 2. You will find him as a lighthearted personality with a cheerful attitude among other characters. He lives with her cousin who is also his friend “Hijiri Kasuga”. You will find a catastrophic event that destroys the life of Arata in this rokka no yuusha season 2. After that, he will join the magical academy with his friend Lilith to become a mage. After leaving the academy, he becomes a friend with all the Trinity Seven to save the hometown together. Despite the serious nature of the show, you will find him showing his comedy side to everyone around him in many episodes. Also, he is often caught being a change to many girls in the show. 

Trinity Seven Season 2

Arin Kannazuki

Let’s see another character that you will find in the series is Arin Kannazuki. Arin is a proud member of the Trinity Seven. She holds no memory before the age of eight. The academy takes him and trains her magic. Arin in the season rarely showed emotions as she came as a quiet and reserved person. She also really cares what others think about her. You will also find her growing jealous when other people speak to Arata and later on her showing emotions towards Arata. Also, you will find her claiming that Arata is her husband even though they have both never married before. Fans are excited to see if there is something suspenseful in the Trinity Seven season 2. 

Levi Kazama

When it comes to the Arata friends in the academy, then Levi Kazama is a core member of all seven. Among all seven, he is one of the fighters who are ready to fight with his friend Arata. He is ranking in the world’s top three. 

Final Words

It is something exciting to see when the release of season 2. Because of this pandemic time, it is still in confusion whether the film gets released soon or not. But as a fan, you just need to wait for the suspense, tragedy, and the new adventure. It will definitely amaze you and wipe out all your queries. You will get answers to all the questions you are having in your mind. Wait for the season, and be ready for the new storyline.

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